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We are a fast growing brand in the optical consumer industries. We are a Innovative technology company who research in nano technology, bio technology, micro systems, nano systems, optical systems, fluidics and point-of-care clinical diagnostic equipment, thus translating our Intellectual Properties (IP) into relevant products for the industries. INnanoSYS’s products combine cutting edge technologies and innovation to deliver the most competitive range of optical products to consumers.Our FlowingOptics* product includes worlds thinest and smallest INnano168 2XZOOM and auto focus lens module.We provide a one stop solution centre for design and manufacturing of our INnanoSYS product line.The company aims to redefine the future pf the NEXT GENERATION optical landscape with the optical products powered by FlowingOptics* Technology.Company is based in Singapore with a Class 100 clean room facility to manufacture all our INnanoSYS products. And we form strategic partnerships globally in order to produce high quality, cost effective, next generation optical products for the consumer market.

Bringing “NEXT Generation” Technologies Through Innovation


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